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We worked in collaboration with Leeds City College’s Business Faculty to establish their presence on all social media networks, the third largest college in the UK. The purpose of the campaign was to showcase connect with existing students to build a stronger brand to consumer bond. Nothing beats word of mouth marketing and consumer endorsement to recruit future candidates for the institution.

The hashtag #collegehigh was used for students around the faculty to share their highlights of the year on any of their chosen social media platforms. The freedom of the use of platforms allowed for content to pour in from the student body with amazing stories, creating a great end of year reel with touching moments for the lecturers.

It’s been incredible to hear from so many students and the fantastic time they had at the Business School. We couldn’t have done this without the Osphere team.

C Busby Head of Business & Management - Leeds City College


The overall result was phenomenal as the campaign engaged over 350 students with nearly 1000 posts on all social networks in one day. An amazing result for the recruitment team at the institution.